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Door Supervisors

Gone are the days of the menacing club‘bouncers.’

Today’s Door Supervisors are trained professionals, authorised and regulated by the Home Office and namely, the Security Industry Authority.

All of our Door Supervisors are licensed in accordance with the PSIA 2001, with many choosing to develop their own personal, professional career by enhancing their certifications to include First Aid at Work (FAAW) or Security Management.

All our staff proficient experience in;

• Licensing Laws
• Conflict Management
• Drugs Awareness
• First Aid
• Evacuation Procedures

Door Staff are generally the very first people greeting your customers or guests and the right staff make a huge difference in creating the right atmosphere at your venue.

We supply professional, courteous Door Staff to bars, clubs, events/festivals, private events or at your home; if you require peace of mind for a birthday party or family gathering.

Every venue is different, every client has different requirements, this is why at Star Protection Services, we carry out a full venue assessment and discuss any possible concerns with you along with procedures such as; search policies, drugs policies, entry and exit procedures, as well as liaising with local authorities and/or the police.

We then tailor your team of Door Supervisors specifically for you and your venue; with individual training and on site procedures put in place from the offset.

Our Door Supervisors have experience across a range of venues ranging from private residences to some of the most prestigious venues in the City of London; from small, cosy bars to 1200 capacity nightclubs.

Star Protection Services employ a large pool of personnel who are hand-picked for each specific venue.


For more information, call us in confidence on 0844 5000 212 for a free, no obligation consultation.

Don’t wait till you’re at risk before calling us!